Planning The Semester Holiday Activities

Planning The Semester Holiday Activities



Actually,3more weeks to go but its 'oke' if I planned it early!So,I can start enjoyed my holiday early.hehehehe.My holiday will began after the last paper which on Tuesday,10/January/2011.oooo,beautiful and lovely January :)

My semester holiday will be 3 weeks,shorter that last semester which I having 6weeks holiday!.=.=". Nevermind,as long as I get HOLIDAY,means no Classes,no Quiz,no Assignment,no mid-term test,no final exam,no evening class,no replacement class,no no no (>,<)

So,for my holiday...I planned to do two(2) important things.

1) Decorating my own room!.

Well,my room is like 'sarang segala binatang!'.hahaha.just joking.Actually my room was too small,but very height!.can u imagine it?.NO WINDOWS!.the only windows is UP there.....hohoho.oh almost forget,I also have another windows which full of 'kain ela' hanging all over the windows.Yeah,my mom always buy 'kain ela' and will send it to our tailor (when mama wants new baju kurung!)...So,I have to do something with it, will HANG over my room!.[think think think].

The another problem in my room is....mosquito!.errrr,its bites me and I do hate it.Eventhough I already spray my whole room with the 'ridsect',the mosquito still there.I need a mosquito-net then.

maybe,painting over the wall,ermmmm I guess I cant finished decorate my own room then.Maybe paiting one wall,and the others,...decorate with stickers,do you think its oke?!.

another problem in my room: light.Its doesnt work since I start study here.There's no one sleeping there,so my parents doesnt change the bulb.oke,then I need new bulb or buy new lamp.

btw,I dont have bed only the mattress because the old bed already sent to 'rumah kampung'.Mama,will you buy new one for me   '  ' 

NEED TO BUY---> money?!.

2) Doin' felt craft.

I just blogwalking this afternoon before go to class.Then,I visited a lot of crafting blog...I do fall in love with it!yeehaa \(>,<)/ Maybe I want to try do it.Unfortunately,I dont know hos to use the sew-machine!.Really,silly me right!.I know how to format a laptop,how to design a blog,how to make a slide presentation,how to do microteaching ,but dont know how to use a sew-machine?!...fucking dont know!.disgusting right?!...well,I got my litle sister,she's been in Sewing Class...heho!.ask her to sewing for me,I decorate the design...its fair and its a deal!.#hopefully she want help me with this project cause I would like to do 'matrix-card holder','keychain' and small pillow :)

so,after the exam will buy few things.hopefully got extra money pocket then.#I hope my parents read this :P

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