6 Reasons Why Plastic Key Tags Is a Must for Small Businesses

6 Reasons Why Plastic Key Tags Is a Must for Small Businesses

6 Reasons Why Plastic Key Tags Is a Must for Small Businesses.

Small businesses simply don’t have the marketing budget to rent out several billboard spaces or get prime time TV spots. They instead have to come up with innovative marketing strategies to promote their brands. If you are a small business owner, you probably invest a lot of time on the internet trying to promote your business. You might also consider getting banners and posters printed to attract walk-in customers. While these strategies work great for small businesses, there is a highly effective way to spread the word about your brand that you are probably overlooking. Plastic key tags are definitely not a new marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean they are not effective. One of the primary reasons why plastic tags work is because they serve a function. Customers who use these tags to organize their keys and keep a track of their store points. So they would never consider throwing them away. If you are still not convinced, following are 6 practical reasons why plastic key tag marketing works for small businesses.

Can Be Utilized by All Types of Small Businesses: It really doesn’t matter what type of product or service you are trying to sell, you can use plastic tags to great effect. From yoga centers and beauty parlors to grocery stores and home repair companies, almost all businesses can hand out plastic key tags to their customers.

They Are Incredibly Cost Effective: Most small businesses do not have the marketing budget for TV spots and billboards but getting custom key tags printed is cheap. For scoring best deals we suggest going to multiple online plastic tag printer stores and compare prices. For reference, you can get a thousand key tags for less than $500.

No One Throws Away Key Tags: What happens when you hand a customer a pamphlet or a leaflet? He or she takes a look and then discards it. Now, because plastic key tags are given away as gifts they seldom get thrown away. They are functional as key tags and if they are well designed, customers would proudly use them to organize their keys. Now, because plastic key tags are useful to customers, these almost never get thrown away. As long as the customer is using them, they continue to promote your brand.

You Get the Option to Add Barcodes: Adding to its functionality, key tags can give you access to critical customer information. Combined with a barcode reader and a customer database system, these key tags can help you track customer data. When scanned, a key tag barcode can help a retailer to open all the previous purchases of a particular customer. They can even be used to identify loyal customers and thus help in developing strategies to retain them.

Strengthens Customer Loyalty: As mentioned before, key tags can be given away to customers as gifts. Apart from that, key tags allow loyal customers to get access to exclusive deals and discounts by scanning them at checkout counters. Store owners can even keep a track of store points for all their customers. Now, because these key tags are linked to store points and deals, customers value them. This helps build brand loyalty and allows businesses to retain their loyal customers.

Increases Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Unique looking plastic key tags become somewhat of a conversation starter. They encourage customers to talk about the brand to their friends and family members. This creates a chain reaction of people talking about your business thus boosting word-of-mouth marketing. However, for that to happen you need to spend time designing a unique key tag. No one really wants to talk about a boring rectangular key tag. Consider giving the plastic key tag a unique shape. Maybe a dumbell, if you own a fitness center.

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  2. Key tag can be kept for many years. As long as the receivers keep them well without simply throw away, it will be a great gift to give away to everyone.


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