•Day 30 - WHO ARE YOU?

•Day 30 - WHO ARE YOU?

who am I?
I am ..........

a daughter
a sister
a girlfriend
a friend
a student
an enemy

I am me.I never be anybody.I'm just being me and I love being myself.


I do love pink.
I do love 'editing' picture.
I do love 'cooking'
I do love FACEBOOK.
I do love BLOGGER.
I do love 'social network'
I do love walking.
 I do love 'stalk' his page.*just ignore*
I do love listening music.
I do love watching movie.
I do love dancing in the rain.*ignore!*
I do love 'him'
I do love writing poem.
I do love reads novel.
I do love window shopping
I do love 'kelisa'..wish I have one.
I do love 'kids'
I do love be babysitter.

I'm cute.
I'm beauty.
I'm lazy *sometime*
I'm sweet
and I know
I'm  fat..but on diet *kunu*
I'm superduper a lovely friend
and please...
when u with me...

Be slow to PROMISE,quick to PERFORM

 I do hate waiting.
I do hate been wait.
I do hate copycat
I do hate stalker
I do hate backstabber
I do hate people try to be me.
yeay.I do hate it >.<"

my 30days challenge are finished.
hopefully,all the time I do this challenge,
u know me more and more.

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