EPB3044.Research Method In Education[ASSIGNMENT]


  • Carry out a small research in education and write a 15-page research report (use Times New Roman font of size 11 & 1.5 spacing).   
  • Please follow the research-writing format and section contents given in the Course Notes (i.e. Research Problem, Review of the Literature, Research Methodology, Research Findings, & Conclusions and Discussions). 
  • Make sure the length of each section is about equal (i.e. 3 pages per section in this case). 
  • You can choose either a quantitative research or qualitative research. 
  • You may do your research in a group of three (3) students (better still if the 3 students are from a particular major area, so that you can focus your research on the major area, e.g. “Effective methods of teaching and learning mathematics”). 
  • You may use UNITAR students or other respondents to get your research data/information. 
  • Please discuss your progress of each section of the contents with your course lecturer. 
  • You need to present your research report before the end of semester. 
  • Your assignment is worth 15% of the total marks towards your course grade.

Best regards from:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Mohd Noor.
                 Course Leader

do u have any suggestion of any idea to do the research?
I'm still thinking for the best 'topic'....

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