TIPS EXAM for EPB3024:Testing&Evaluation In Edu.Jan2011

TIPS EXAM for EPB3024:Testing&Evaluation In Edu.Jan2011

this is special entry for all student of Unirazak,whose taking Testing&Evaluation In Education.
here are some TIPS wanna share with u'll.I got it from our lecuterer Mr. David.

       Format & Time:
The final examination will have similar format as in previous semesters
(i.e. Section A {60%}’ Section B {40%})
The duration of the examination will be 2 hours and 30 minutes.
      Content coverage:
The content coverage of the final examination will focus on the following
·         Validity                     – Chapter 3 (pgs 38–48)
·         Reliability                  – Chapter 4 (pgs 67-76; 81-82)
·         Scoring/Marking        – Chapter 12 (pgs 269-285)
·         Item Analysis            – Chapter 14 (pgs 320-330)
·         Reporting                  - Chapter 15 (pgs 341-359)
·         Non-cognitive tests    – Chapter 19
(Students should also read notes given by lecturers/tutors)
*Chapters refer to the textbook. 

this is from me :)
If u have the past exam question for this subject,kindly refer to exam question on August 2010.
It's similarity with the content given.So,hopefully we can do better for this subject.
Pray for me,pray for you,and pray for everyone.May we success for our final exam.

If you not believing this,please make urself free to log on to ur ZIMBRA email.
I also got this from the email Mr David sent by yesterday.
Thanks and having a nice study week.

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