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its been three days since my last update and yes my giveaway still ON.but the contestant still below 10.erm,maybe they not interest to the gift given.nevermind,whatever happen,I still continued it.After a week passing,I got my normal routine.my daily life unfortunenately something bad happen and it ruin mylife into a upsidedown life.

wehh,napa tetiba ada english entry ne?.heho.sesaje je menaip dalam english.[kata bakal-cikgu-english].oke fine,last saturday kan ada kelas Language Teaching Methodology,which this class actually teach us how-to-teach.Then,my lecturer say "u shud study english,read english,listen english,dream english,eat english and everything do in english.so ur english will be better".LOL,ne kes nak cari mat salleh neyh.Lagipun last weekend(I mean weekend yang I balik KB tu ada kenduri)...abang I suggest I,"why not ur write in english language in ur blog.take the advantages u have".what kind of advance I have..owh,english!.

then,I set my mind.WHY NOT?.maybe it difficult for me,because my english so bad.But,'till when it  gonna be bad?.I should do something to improve my english right?....SO,step by step should be taken right?.So,am going to write in english,easy english!.Don't ur worry readers...I know my readers are among malaysian and I want all Malaysian can speak,read,listen and write in english.(so,I will using simple word to make everyone understand)

I admit my english are not good enough compare to my classmate.But,I love to improving it.and I sure that writing in my blog could HELP!.For your information,my family doesn't talk english at home.yerp.me TOO.just few years,i start talking english with my little brothers.So,he could improve his english,so do I.

when I was in year 3(primary school),my father send me to english tuition with punjab's teacher.her name is melinda(if I'm not mistaken).and her english is so GOOD.and she doesn't allowed me and my tuitionmate talk in others language.So,the best thing to do is KEEP SILENT all the time.But,it doesn't HELP oke!.She encourage us to refer to the dictionary all the time.Even if we are asking to go to the washroom,she still want us to SPEAK in english.

.and then,when I'm taking my UPSR(2001)....again,going to tuition class with hindi's teacher.Ya,all in english.speak,write,read,listen!.And the result for my UPSR(english subject)=A.am so happy.my teacher say I'm good in writing with grammatical problem.hahaha.

again,bit disappointed when my PMR turn B.In form4,am taking EST(english for science and technology).So tough subject because I have to study science which I dislike most the time in english.hahaha.But a praise from my teacher encouraged me to more improving my english.

when I was comes to UNIRAZAK(that time still known by UNITAR),I like to take Mathematics as my major subject.I do love calculating and playing with the numbers.But,when my parents encouraging me to take language and literature,I say why not?.In addition,people nowadays alreaddy now how important the english education.So,hoping that after finished my study (end of 2012),I will get work as soon as possible.

so,lets open our eyes....english education so important nowadays.So,send ur kids to english tuition,lets them enjoy the english's song,ask them to watch english's cartoon...soon,they will be able to speak,read,write in english well :)

err,readers,DONT ur WORRY,am still gonna write in Malay,but mix with English :)


  1. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    nvm.its okay...u know what..a person with a gedree but can speak with many language is superb than someone who has 5 degree but juz can speak in his mother tounge..huhu..so...language is important.. :D

  2. salam. ca, how r u? next week we will have our exam... huhuhu.x realized that the time passes swiftly. Bila exam? Insya Allah you'll be a best teacher one day... :)
    p/s: my English is not good enough. i try...:)if i made a mistake, correct me eca.


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