dislike this

this is what HAPPEN when I try to open my own blog from my own lappy with my own broadband!.

its only the cached links.BUT,I cant see my followers.Sorry for those that following me,I cant still track u back.But,if u leave msg in myshoutbox,I sure track u via ishoutbox.com.It really suck cant see my own blog...but my friends say "ca,boleh tengok ne blog ko".oke,fine..I asked Mr Amiruldin again.."why this is happen?"..and he reply me "its the celcom". >.<"

I.m using celcom broadband.and ya its sometimes make me ANGRY.grrrrrrrr!And u know what,I cant reply comments T____T".Please dont mad to me if I'm not reply ur comments.

I really have no idea what actually happen.Last night when I open,I can still see it.But today,its back again.Hopefully,I everything can back to normal.As my mood on blogging is on the air due to the new DOMAIN,but what happen NOW was make my MOOD down to the earth.


  1. delete that damn history may fix it.

    and, change to streamyx for better surfing. kkeke. :p


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