Bachelor of Education|Language and Literature|

Bachelor of Education|Language and Literature|


entry ini I buat khas untuk junior-junior yang bakal ambil major Language & Literature.

for your information.we have 8 major subject,3elective.Which one of the elective is COMPULSORY  TAKEN.Below are the list of our major subject:

ELB4014|An Introduction to Linguistic
ELB4024|Morphology and Syntax
ELB4034|Phonetics and Phonology
ELB4044|Language and Theatre
EPB4014|The Language Deficient Learner
EPB4024|Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills
EPB4034|Teaching Reading and Writing
EPB4044|The Teaching and Appreciation of Literature
EPB4053|Language Teaching Methodology (elective course which compulsory taken)

So,those are our major subject.Need to be taken before going for teaching practical.(^-^).But,I know a lot of u,will be confuse which subject to be taken first.Let me help you out..

ELB4014,ELB4024 & ELB4034,suggest to taken together.Cause the course are related to each other.ELB4014(linguistic) are basic of ELB4024 & ELB4034.

EPB4024,EPB4034,EPB4044 & EPB4053 got 'micro-teaching' & lesson plan to be done.

So,you need to arrange the subject.Otherwise you'll get migrain in the semester.If you need to ask anything,ask me.I glad to help you (^-^)

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