Pengalaman Microteaching(mengajar!) yang.....

Pengalaman Microteaching(mengajar!) yang.....


lega!..fuh...lap lap peluh sat....
oke!.jom ceta.

before go to class yesterday,I've update an entry about my microteaching!.I done it half-well!.yerrk,just half-well because I got a lot of problem when I do it.OMG!,I dont know where I should put my face after that,I want to runaway after done with my microteaching!.

a day before my microteaching,my classmate already WARN me!.they say,"our lecturer are giving high expectation on us!.then,they will be a group of students that always ask anything and making noise!".Should I be afraid?!.Yes, of course.Everyone should be AFRAID and kind of NERVOUS.

I start my teaching with giving short briefing about the short story QWERTYUIOP.oke fine,here's all the problem start.I start it with showing a picture,an old typewritter.Then,I asked them what they know about the many answers!...and one of my classmate say 'its antique!'.Well,I have to write the word on the whiteboard and I dont know how to spell it.I asked her,(her name is Azyan,she is my senior in primary school!).Azyan giving much help,I dont know how to thanks her!.Well,they(azyan,libat,fauzi,calven and the gang!) not disturbing at all and they really help me with my microteaching.I actually afraid they are too noise and disturb me,but they not!.

Then,I start with next step,which I want to teach my student how to do synopsis.Before start writing,I have such discussion with them,what is synopsis and the contain of a synopsis.Synopsis is summary of a story and writing a synopsis is like wrtiting story which contain introduction,body and closure.I asked them the sequence happen in the short story.Then,I give them the 'worksheet' and here's the big stupidness I have done!.really~.I say 'shit!',but actually I want to say WORKSHEET!.OMG....its really humilating cover it,I say,...'well,I like bullshit!'..hahaha.See,how stupid I'm or actually,how NERVOUS I'm doing the microteaching.

Next,I askked them the sequence events happens in QWERTYUIOP.I asked them again and again,and I also tells them events to help them memorising.When I want to do the activity (ask student to write the synopsis),my lecturer asked me to stop and its enough for me.Actually,I want to stop also!.Feeling likes I dont want to stand in front of the class anymore.

did u know what my lecturer says?!.She says,"..oke,VERY GOOD!.Siti Ashah is very happy teacher,I think student will enjoy your class.She may seems loud here but she just .....( I cant catch what her say!),if you loud here,you'll fine.alright very good.She goes step by step and one thing I love about her,she always ask the student question.You actually encourage student to participate,even they will chit-chat also,they will still participate and answers the question".

See,I done well right?!.But,it doesn't make me satisfied at all cause they so many mistakes I done,such as bad handwriting,bad performance,bad grammar,bad words!.I wish I dont do it all,but there's no one can escape from doing bad and make mistakes.We learn from mistakes right?!.I'm too nervous I can't do well.I dont want low mark,my 1st assignment already low,my 1st quiz also.I dont want my microteaching and lesson plan goes same,I hope I can have higher mark from it.I need higher carry mark from my assessment cause I know I cant do well in my exam.BTW,after finish my microteaching,everyone clap their hand.There's a moment I close my face with my hand and Libat is called me and show THUMBs UP!.Thanks guys!.

Thanks Allah,I just have one microteaching this semester,but next semester?!.you'll make me dead!.I have two which one for Teaching Listening & Speaking and Teching Reading & Writing!.I think I will do well,since this microteaching and last semester microteaching I've done well. (^.^)

p/s: I ask my classmate,Ivone to record video when I teaching,and when I see it again,I feel stupid!.hahaha.I dont want to upload it anywhere!.Let it be my private property >,<"
p/ss: I will update tips for doing good microteaching due to my experience!.you gonna love it.

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