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Quiz Quiz Quiz Quiz


ne lah sebenarnya yang terjadi!.

bermula hari ini,I akan busy with QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ.Semester ne,I amik 4subjek je,tapi only me knows the feeling.Ingat 4 subjek ringan?!.4 subjek berat tahu tak?..which ianya melibatkan major I,Language & Literature.

Hari tu,I update pasal I buat micro-teaching kan?!.Finally,that subject which sometimes killing me(grrrr!) already finish with the coursework.The quiz have been done,assignment already submit and the microteaching was awesome(puji diri sendiri!).SO,hopefully my carrymark will help increase my final marks.Do wait for the final exam....(and its around January!)

The others subject sometime makes me happy(^.^).Because it actually related to each other.Introduction to Linguistic,Morphology & Syntax and Phonetics & Phonology.Linguistics is actually also covered the others.Happy with it,but sometimes I get confuse actually.

For the subject I mention above,I already done with my presentation,but not the quiz.SO,next week will having all the QUIZ for the subject.Thus,makes me no time to update and do blogwalking to your blog.I have scheduled entry,and hopefully,you enjoy with it.

SO,full class next week with QUIZes.Wish me luck,and can answered the quiz.(^.^).For those already comes here,will track u back as long as u leave your footprint on my shoutmix or the 'exchange-link' widget.

p/s : this blog will have doodle SOON!.
p/s : will update 23days to 23years( special entry for my bday).-can you waiting?!.

*babun gila eh,baru perasan entry ne kan,,,mula-mula dalam BM,then dalam BI.er,maaf eh!*

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  1. hihihihi...
    masa sem 1 foundation, fiq amik paper fonetik n fonologi..
    tp, fiq BM, so blajar psl fon BM lah..
    mencabar gak.... :)

  2. @Cikgu Fikri.BM senang la.masa form6 dlu ada gk bljr :)

  3. quiz bahasa melayu yea = ='


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