Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips


i love in sharing because it makes me feel so sexy!.
*damn,I won't says it in public!*
ignore that!

I'm not a good speaker,I dont know much 'bombastic' words,I'm not pretty,I'm done have anything I can  make me proud of myself but one thing make my microteaching goes 'half-well',I do have CONFIDENT!.I ignore bad words I say,I ignore unplanned activity,I ignore 'noisy student' and I just do it by my way as people always say,'be you want to be,not everyone want you to be'.

As I told in my last entry,I would like to share tips for doing good microteaching.This entry is special for my classmate and yet everyone who will becomes a teacher.As I told before,my microteaching is really fuckin' bad!.Its such the very bad thing I've done all this semester!.Just forget it,lets move on!.

tips #1.
Ready with your lesson plan.
For me lesson plan is such IMPORTANT!.As we will doing our microteaching,we need to refer our lesson plan.Did you know that,I have one copy for me.So,I always bring it and before you start your microteaching,please make sure you refer to it.Then,you will know the steps taken!.

tips #2.
style up!
..some people likes to be such model,such beauty queen,such 'nerd-style',but,did u comfortable with it?.be yourself!.I'm not saying you can go teaching with your 'selipar jepun','jeans','pyjamas',but let make your dress tidy,you comfortable with it!.Dont dress to sexy,cause your student will not pay any attention to 'teaching and learning' but they will looking towards yourself.You should know students nowadays are exposed in that things...please do not imagine!.We're have been being a 'secondary student' and you know it,dont you?.As you comfort with your dress and it wont bother you,go on!.

tips #3.
We cant hope that everything will run smoothly as what we've plan.But,we can cope it by our own way.For example,when I do my microteaching,I not expecting someone will answering my question and I like 'what the hell he/she talking about?'.See,I want correct answer but they giving me such ignorance answer till makes me blur....Another example,when my student says words I dont know what to SPELL!..it makes me think,"OMG,I'm DEAD!.how the words spell?.I need to write it on the whiteboard".So,I ask my student to spell-it-right for me!.

tips #4.
teaching aids.
You will not be able to teaching without your teaching aids!.DO trust me,without any teaching aids,you're nothing,your student will not be focus and their mind might fly anywhere in the air.Prepare your teaching aids!.If you want to do listening,makes sure you bring the vcd and so on.If you want to do reading,makes sure you have text to be read.Dont bring to much teaching aids,cause it will makes you confuse!.Which one comes first,which one will be next....so,bring something that will make your student be focused with.For example,you want to teach poem and you want your student know what actually the meanings of the poem,bring picture!.Picture says thousand words!.Dont simply ask your student to IMAGINE if you not prepare something you ask them to imagine.Anorher example,you want them to imagine hows the life of a farmer?.Did you expected that they will know a farmer well?.Some of them might dont know what is farmer?.So,bring picture...not too much..2-3picture is enough.

tips #5.
know your student.
Did you know your student well?.We might not them well,but we can see their behaviour!.Now,you can expected which student will makes noise,which student are shy,which student will always ask question,which student  will bring trouble to you!.So,please do try to understand each of them.You might not expecting the 'noisy one' will help you a lot in your microteaching.You also need to encourage each of your student to participate in class activity.If you planned such in group activity,please always go and ask them if they need your help.know your student,respect them then they will respect you!

tips #6.
bad handwriting!.
always always always in this trouble!.Some of us might have 'doctor's handwriting' or maybe 'small handwriting'.This will makes us in trouble!.If we have 'doctor's handwriting',our student will not be able to understand it.If you have small writing,student sit at the back might not see it.SO,I advise not too write anything in the whiteboard.Prepare you teaching aids to help you,you might write anything in a 'mahjong paper' or 'manila-card' and place it on the whiteboard.Or you might ask your student to write for you,for example,writing the words/sentence...ask your student to write if the know.Thus,you'll also make your student participating in class activity.

tips #7.
such uncontrol class will makes you die!.trust me!.I've through it before!.So,you need to make your student respected you and their friends.Dont make your student controlling you,otherwise big trouble comes to you.Sometimes we also cant control ourself.Our temper get high easily.Then,without relize it,we might slap our student,thats happen nowadays!.So,please do be patient.Please do control your class before it uncontrol.

tips #8.
reward & praise them!
We need to PRAISE our students.For example,they answer our question correctly,tell them 'good answer!',and if the doesnt answer correctly,tell them,'good try....'.That will make them proud of theirself.Sometimes,we need to give our student rewards.We might dont have money to buy gifts for them,so we can do other alternative,such as not giving them homework or give them extra-mark!.

tips #9.
voice projection.
Do you like to scream?!.If not,you better start learn how to scream!.Make sure your student can hear you.Especially the student sit at the back.Sometimes,the class  will be 'pasar ikan',so, you need to raise up your voice and make all the projection comes clearly.Thus,you'll be save!.

9 tips from me!.is that enough for you?.cause I actually run of idea!.(grrrr!).Those are not only my experience from my last microteaching but also my experience being a teacher.Yes,I'm a teacher before,in primary school.Could you image 19years-old girl teach 19 pupils and they just 7years-old.My first day are allright but the coming next day,I'm half-dead.I almost slap one of my student!..almost oke!.Then,my students are running all over the school.OMG,I need to find everyone of them.But,be smart!.I ask the others(good student) to tell their friend,"kalau kawan kau masuk kelas,cikgu kasi gula-gula".For the coming days,I ask them to do anything they like in class.They sing,they ask me to give more picture to be coloured..and once,I ask them to sleep in class.(weii,mana kau jumpa cikgu macam ne suruh student tidur ooo!),7years-old student get tired easily after running all over the school.The school located at Kampung Gumandang,Kudat,you never heard of it,dont you?!.Because it takes about 30minutes from Kudat to reach to school(15minutes from my house),no HP line at school,no internet,no cafe!.7hours at school?,I try to accept it slowly!.till now,I miss them so much!.They give me such wonderful experience that you'll never get it anywhere.

that's all for me.wish you luck on your microteaching and have fun with your coming practical.Dont fed-up easily,motivate yourself.Give yourself reward if you think you done well,thus will motivating you (^.^)

'sorry,grammar ke LAUT!,that my biggest PROBLEM that will makes me DEAD soon!'

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