Dear My Future Husband


Dear Future Husband,

I love you already & I don’t even know who you are yet. 
I love you now because I know that because you’re my future, you’ve accepted me as the person that I am which has always been the only one thing I truly wanted to find in a man. 
I know that you understand me & all my craziness, from the mood swings, to the jealousy, and through all my randomness. 
You see the beauty in me, even in the moments when I don’t see it in myself. 
You tell me I’m pretty on those days when I feel like I’m not. 
You’ve listened to me speak about my insecurities and the reasons behind them without judging me or ever getting tired of me.
 You’ve been there. 
You’ve made me stronger, more confident, happier
You’ve made me complete. 
I know that our love will be true & I know that the moment I meet you, I’ll know you’re it. 
I won’t need to search for my other half anymore because you’ll be right there in front of me. 
I look forward to the day when I finally have you here with me. 
I’ll be sure to keep you happy any way I possibly can. 
I promise to be the best wife.
I’ll cook for you, I’ll clean, I’ll give you rub downs on your long days at work,
I’ll listen to you, I’ll motivate you.
I’ll watch every basketball game & football game without interrupting you.
I’ll let you have your time with your guys, & most importantly......
I’ll love you til the world ends & through whatever problems we go through. 
You’re all I need in this crazy world. 
I can’t wait til the day I have you.

With Love,
Your Future Wife ♥

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  1. Hehehehe...sabarrr...insyaallah pasti akan dtg satu hari nanti tuu.. nak minta tolong sikit boleh tak...Lelaki Kacak Minta ecadwinkyasha support yas kat sini leh tak? Satu2nya blogspot nak fight dgn w/press...cuma drop komen dan klik G+ jerr...terima kasihh!!

  2. sape future husband niek ??! hihii

    akak singgah sambil survey2 kete honda..hihii

    ok, nanti eca gtau akak apa mak eca gtau ek..

  3. @Yas y hehehe..bersabar selagi mampu.insyaallah jodoh tu ada.muahaha.

    chaiyo2x ^-^

  4. @IntaNBerliaN belum jumpa puwn...hahahaha.

    nnti eca PM akak apa mama ckp :)

  5. elehhh blm jumpe konon..hihiiii

    ok.. :-)

    p/s : akak singgah sambil klik universiti of london.. :-)

  6. @IntaNBerliaN belum jumpa lagi lah kak..heehee.mcm yg jpa xberapa nak sesuai pula.wakakak :D


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