There's a man.


there's a man,
i love his smile,
the smile that make me happy,
the smile that show his happiness,
the smile that make we believe.
there's a man,
i adore his life,
up and down, left to the right,
he is still stand and always be.
there's a man,
I fall in love for the first time,
the time begin when I was born to the world,
all the love he gives to me,
and still.
there's a man,
I call him "Bapa",
who always encouraged,
who always loving,
who always supporting,
and never forget,
who always trusting on me.
Happy Father's Day, Encik Awang Aman Jalil.
I love you, always and forever.
Thanks for trusting and thanks for supporting.
my Bachelor Degree are my gift for u and Mama..
Thanks for everything, I love You.
here's the man..........
yang budak kecil tu bukan "man" yer..itu "gegirl"..hikhikhik
there's also a man, he will be my only one.
and Im still hunting for 'him'.