Guide to cafes in the East

Guide to cafes in the East

Guide to cafes in the East| Assalammualaikum readers! Today, Eca would like to share with you some good info for your life...enjoy reading!

Buying your first flat can be an intimidating experience. You browse through many websites to look for properties available and you start reading many articles regarding the guide to getting a HDB or BTO flat. However, you are still  unsure of where to begin, or which neighborhood to choose from. After all, this is a big decision that involves a lot of money. If you are unsure on which neighborhood to choose for your first HDB flat, you might want to consider staying in the East of Singapore, such as Pasir Ris HDB. This article will guide you through the cafes available in the East to satisfy your food hunting quest.

1.      Brawn & Brains
Brawn & Braine serve good coffee and hearty sandwiches. The weekday menu includes smoke salmon and avocado on brioche, grilled chicken and avocado on brioche, beef pastrimi sandwich, pepperoni and cheese sandwich, curried chicken wrap, oven baked molten eggs on tortilla & melted cheese and classic chicken and mushroom wrap. Brawn & Brains is also a great place to enjoy your meal and avoid the hustle busy city centre.

2.      Café Melba
Café Melba is a stylish café that offers amazing café food that consists a blend of Melbourne and Asia, with concept influenced by the café scenes in Melbourne. Café Melba serves breakfast all day long, so this is definitely a good news for those who like having breakfast food during dinner time. Their weekend brunch is well known as well. Café Melba is open everyday, from 8am to 10pm. Do check out for their Chef’s Specials for the Month.

3.      Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is already well knowned among the locals and expats who reside in the East of Singapore. Established in May 2014, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is well known for their breakfast and amazing coffee. The menu consists of mainly all day breakfast and brunch items. Do try on their waffles as well as they offer both sweet and savoury waffles.

4.      Fart Tartz
Fart Tartz is a café that serves delectable main dishes and desserts that are Instagram worthy. The cakes and muffins are healthily made with no-bake recipes, using only the freshest and best quality ingredients. Do try on their Flower-Potted “Mud” tart, a non bake specialty cheese tart if you happen to visit Fart Tartz. They currently have 4 branches across Singapore as well.

5.      Fatcat Ice Cream Bar
Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is definitely a great place to get your sweet tooth cravings fixed, especially on a rough day. Do try on their famous Gourmet Charcoal Waffles served with salted egg yolk custard sauce. They alsoo serve a variety of desserts other than their waffles with gourmet ice cream. What is better than having a crispy fluffy waffle served with salted egg yolk sauce? Definitely not for the weight watchers.

6.      Group Therapy Coffee
Well known for their Roasted Almond Latte, diners can now get their Roasted Almond Latte craving fixed at the branch in Katong V, instead of the one in CBD. Group Therapy Coffee serves good café food at affordable price that will not empty your wallet. In addition, they are also well known for their waffle, with or without ice cream.

Group Therapy Coffee is also ideal for those who want to host any private functions.

7.      Penny University
One of the must visit cafés located in the East of Singapore, Penny University sources their own beans from coffee roasters locally to make a good cup of coffee for the coffee addicts.

Penny University is also a Halal certified café. Therefore, Muslim friends are welcome to enjoy their amazing all day breakfast.

8.      Rabbit Carrot Gun
Rabbit Carrot Gun is a casual dining restaurant cum hotel. The restaurant offers a variety of interesting dishes that taste heavenly to the tastebud.

Couples who want a staycation can check out the Rabbit Carrot Gun where it is a B & B that is located in a refurbished shop house that was built back in 1925.

9.      Sinpopo Brand
Sinpopo Brand is actually a café run by the same people behind Awfully Chocolate. Located along Joo Chiat Road, Sinpopo Brand serves amazing fusion food. The Nasi Lemak set for 2 is a must try item from the menu. The Nasi Lemak consists of steamed rice, served with soft centered egg and assam onion relish, sweet onion ikan bilis sambal, Har Cheong Kai wings, pork belly marinated in nam yu, luncheon meat crisps, Rojak slaw and sambal fishballs. Priced at $28, it definitely worths every single cent (& calories).

It is recommended to go there early to avoid the massive crowd and queue.

10.  Tian Kee & Co.
Tian Kee & Co. started as a provision shop back in 1958 and has since evolved into a café that serves desserts. The popular must try cakes are the Ugly Nutella and Rainbow Cheesecake.

In conclusion, there are more cafes in the East that you can explore. Other than cafes, there are also many activities to get involved in. Do spend some time exploring the East of Singapore when you are free. You will be surprised at how much the East has changed and it is no longer the “old and boring” neighbourhood.

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