oke...plez stop the schedule changing!!!!!

i was so disappointed with my class schedule for this semester
da very2 disappointed suda!.....
early of the semester...i was happy coz all schedule are nice..no straight class in a day..have time to hang out with frenz...lepaking at home....sleeping till the afternOOn.
If I cant go to the slot 1,,,I can go for the 2nd slot of all my subject...and I also have my GOOD FRIEND in the class with me to citcat and *mengumpat* da lecturer.(hahahaha)
then,after the raya holiday....the schedule are changing again.if it juz change the time..its oke for me..as long as I can enter to any class with my friend bha kan....BUT...for the 1st class after the holiday..me and my friend are asking to go out of the class.WHY?..because we are in 2nd slot and we have and must  attend the 2nd slot.
when I look again the NEW schedule......my name is on the slot 4 for 2 subject...which are on 5.00pm-7.oopm! at sabah,,,its oredi nyte and even my home not far from the kolej...i still have to walk alone all the way back home...and TIJAH will say to me *safe walk eca*
    oke.then my friend and I not in the same slot.no friend to citcat in the class suda.SAYA MENJADI BUDAK PALING SKEMA DALAM KELAS.oke.that is nonsense!!! I will never and never be the skema girl in the class....hoheho  :D
     and know I just get email form my lecturer tell us that my business communication 2 class are change to SATURDAY..oke.SATURDAY.its WEEKEND.tym to CP moment.tym to SLEEPING.tym to BALIK KAMPUNG.then,I shud forget it all.
officially...my CLASS are on .............................
and the missing day...TUESDAY and SUNDAY...then i will SANDI to attend the class..to wash my baju kurung and so on...ooo,i need to forget cinema also.need late nite movie la jawabnya...ooo sapa mau bawa aku tgk wyg malam?hoheho =(
          hopefully when UNIRAZAK are moving to the new campus,,my schedule will be on the WEEKDAYS only.and no class on 5pm anymore =))
gmbr tuk tatapan umum::
budak cute ini telah menceriakan hujung minggu sy =)) syg dayang :)

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