•Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

my 1st day challenge...
well,what will u see below is my recent photo.
photo of me..as usual...taken by me...
erm..let the photo tell u the story,I guess....

actually this picha is not the recent..take this picha during hari raya haji..i guess this is the latest picha I upload to my lappy....this is me..@my uncle's house.*look gojes hah!?!*

15 interesting facts about me?!..
hell ya..I even don't know the interesting facts about me..but lets have reads these::

1.I'm the middle child in my family.my siblings:..asmah,asrizam,ME,asrina,ashrulnizam
   -see am in the middle rite?...sound interesting coz  not so many people like me =)

2.I love to cooks...and I really 'champion' prepared laksa.*recipe?!* will posted sOOn.

3.I do love listen to Indon's song but more prefer to enjoyed Malaysian Indie Music.
   ...officially,I love Gerhana Ska Cinta,Hujan,Bunkface..love the music...

4.I'm the fan of Harry Potter.Watch their movies since the 1st movie.and never skip for it.
   *can't wait for the 2nd episode of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

5.I have so many place called 'hometown'..my bapa comes from KB..my mama comes from KM..I'm born and live at Kudat.and now am study & stay at Kota Kinabalu.so,which one is my hometown?!

6.I'm renting an apartment studio with 4 girl which are different race but having so much 'crazy' things.

7.my 1st job is a temporary teacher at SK. Gumandang,Kudat when I'm 19years old.

8.I'm a single girl that still looking for her other half.*mind to get the form?*

9.I've so many besties that different gender and race from me..and I do love them!.

10.I'm a student of UNIRAZAK that taking Bachelor of Education(major:Language and Literature)

11.I do love taking and editing picture..and still waiting for my own DSLR on  January2011.

12.I own my driving licence when I'm 20years old and never get any chance to drive the car after that. =P

13.I love to read novel..and can finish a novel with 500++ pages in one and half hour.

14.I can speak well in Malay,English & Bajau...and understand a bit of Dusun/Rungus/Bugis....

15.I love to write poem on the spot =)

then.finish the day 1 challenge...
hopefully  you'll will know me better *-*

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