•Day 10 - Songs you listen to when you're Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

I love to listen to music,even in bathroom...radio must turn on!.

and..there're certain song that suit to my mood.
http://www.cute-smiley.comwhen am HAPPY...

kubahagia-melly goeslow.click here to listen.
membuatmu cinta padaku-asbak band.click here to listen.
mimpi-gerhana ska cinta.click here to listen.

http://www.cute-smiley.comwhen am SAD...

temanku-gerhana ska cinta.click here to listen.
i had a dream-westlife.click here to listen.
carilah cinta-raihan.click here to listen.
aku takkan bersuara-nikki ardilla.click here to listen.

donno why I here those song when ever I sad.but,its make me calm*-*

http://www.cute-smiley.comhttp://www.cute-smiley.comwhen am BORED...

meet me halfway-black eyed peas.click here to listen.
lelaki cadangan-t2.click here to listen.

http://www.cute-smiley.com  when am HYPED...

nobody-wondergirl.click here to listen.
i got feeling-black eyed peas.click here to listen.
waka-wak -shakira.click here to listen.
coklat dan bunga-ain idola kecil.click here to listen.

http://www.cute-smiley.com when am MAD!!!!

semangat yang hilang-xpdc.click here to listen.
mencari konklusi-hujan.click here to listen.

so..these are the song that suits my mood.
but there's a song that I love so much..I adore so much..
that is the verses of Al-Quran.

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