finally,its end.

.finally,semester 4 officially end.

waiting for exam result that comes out early of January,I guess.
result expectations?...hopefully got B,at least.haha

business communication 2
A+ is a magic.B should be just nice. ^-^

curriculum development
B+ is a magic!.my carry mark for that subject is very low.I dont know which part of my coursework didnt 'helping' me well.I do my assignment,attend the class,doing well in midterm.participant class discussion..but,the mark still disappointed! (n_n)

pedagogy in education
B is a magic for me,C+ jut nice.admit that I'm not doing well in final exam.the tips given are NOT WORKING at all!.really hate that situation.carrymark just nice and OKE for me. *-^

counselling in education:
 one of my feveret.but no tips for final exam.have to read a lot and focus all notes.lastly,exam answered are from my,hopefully got a B+.hehe. ^-*

statistic in education
this subject make me,A is a magic for me.some question are have been done before,but...I still can't do it. =(

huh!.hopefully my result will be just nice and hoping that can get DEAN LIST again.and...wish my pointer will going 
UP and UP.

entry in English...what the fuck!am writing in english and errr.all english?...
oke,I got reason for it.
reason:...I will take Language and Literature for my MAJOR subject at,I think,I should write in english eventhough I really dislike to writing in english due to my grammaticall problems.yeehii.but I think start writing in English will make my writing skill became better and better.wish for me guys!.

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