•Day 28 - A picture of U last year and now,how have U changed since then?

2010 is gone with the memory
2011 comes to promise a better life 

my picture.taken last year.
not sure the date.
but,there's a story of the pic.
I means here..the 'shawl' I wear..
is my 1st shawl.buy at Mazuin,Sinsuran,KK.

new pict.
pict take at my 'kampung' house.
before going back to 'beverlyhills'
opps,I'm NOT wearing 'shawl' ya.
that is what we call 'tudung bawal'.

how I have change?
I'm not change anything.
but,I am 'developing' myself.
days to days,I' growing up.
I'm not the type of girl that 
...didn't know anything about fashion,
...didn't know to 'enjoy',
...didn't know how to 'blogging'~,~
and now,I know about everything =.=
wish I can be more 'matured'.more 'knowledgeable' and more & more.
so,the conclusion....

am not changing..I'm just 'developing' myself

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