am a unirazak student.

last few days,there a guy shout at my shoutbox about studying in unirazak.*am bit lazy to printscreen the text*
chherap perak malaysia "kak unirazak ok x?menjamin masa depan x?
that what he ask me.when I see this my body languange was like "OMG,what kind of answer shud I give to him".then,I stalk to his-blog and state like this "hye.unirzk oke.bhs penghantar english.mmg menjamin la jga.btw,nak amik kos apa?"...oke,lets talk more about this uni from my point-of-view.

for those who don't know,UniRAZAK[Universiti Tun Abdul Razak] is a private uni.So,the FEE is kindly higher from others uni especially the IPTA.But,Unirazak is offering scholarship for their student,as long as u are maintain ur pointer on your 1st year study and been active in uni activities,u can apply for the uni.For those that applying to continue study here,also can apply for Karangkraf Dana.just check-out here.Just dont worry,unirazak student can still apply for the PTPTN.Eventhough u are foundation student,u still can apply.But,my advise,if u're taking foundation and want to continue study for the bachelor,dont apply PTPTN when u still taking foundation.Apply it if u are continue to bachelor if u dont want to get any trouble.My unimate(foundation programme-bachelor) were having trouble when their PTPTN not allowed in their 1st sem.So,they need to wait for their second sem to apply it.Then,u'll having financial problem here!.Which u dont have pocket money and even owe the uni.In addition,u might can't sit for the final exam[but,dont worry,just write letter to your dean to release the exam slip.a lot of student do that :P]..So,take my advice,loan PTPTN when u're taking bachelor only!.The fee was so-so-so expensive nowadays and u might need to use your own money to pay the uni fee.But,for foundation programme,the fee is still valueable.

Next,the programme offered.In unirazak,we have four(4) kind of level.Foundation,Diploma,Bachelor & Master.Foundation were similar to 'sijil poli','pra-asasi uitm','form6' and so on.Finished your foundation in one year and a half,u can moderate to continue your study in bachelor program.Not like poli,for those who taking 'sijil' need to get 4.00flat to continue study in bachelor program,or they just have to continue study in diploma(second year).If u taking Diploma and wanna continue in bachelor,there so much beneficial to u.You can even exempted few of your subjects such as Pengajian Malaysia,Pengajian Islam/Moral,B.Communication,Co-cum and so on.These mean,u can even finished your bachelor in two years and a half.Isn't it makes u more easier?.

lets talk about semester.In unirazak,we actually have 3 semester in a year which are January Semester,May/June Semester,August/September Semester.January & September semester are long-semester which the student will have about 12++ study week,on the other hands,the May/June Semester is short sem which the study week is only about 6-7week.Yap,it kind of difficulty study about 6week only.then,u are suggested to take subjects that doesnt have final exam such as co-cum [community service,public speaking and so on].|On June 2011,am in my semester 6,two more semester before I practical and four more semester before I grade|

courses in unirazak.I dont have much information about the course,but here at Unirazak Sabar Regional Centre,we have many can take a look at here.

for more information,just surf on unirazak website or sidma website(sabah regional centre).for those who like to take bachelor of education,you can even go to my lecturer>>||

if you have anything to ask,just ask me and I'll try to help and guide you :))

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faisal apardi faisal apardi 20 May, 2011
thank for sharing the info about unirazak...sebelum ni tak penah tau pulak coz tak de pun my friend study kat sana.
ecadwinkyasha ecadwinkyasha 20 May, 2011
@faisal apardi ur welcome :)
unirazak still xramai yg tau puwn..student pun mmg tak ramai :)
btw,we have so much unirazak regional centre....kat kedah pun ada :)
AnonymousAnonymous 13 August, 2011 de one wanna study at good or not?...

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