happy birthday Cik Azizah :)


entry khas buat Cik Azizah.
Happy Birthday to U.
Sweet 23.
May everything u wish will comes true :)
and this a special poem for u[omg,after a long time not written poem in english,it bit clumsy :P]

the butterflies fly to you,
as the rainbow shows for you,
and all the birds will sing for you.
23 years breathing,
23 years of loving,
23years of crying
23years of happiness,
and 23years of saddness.

all the past time,
and the past road,
u've been comes so long,
don't stop believing,
don't stop loving.
all the way around
all the love spreading
and the believing,its all yours.

as the day comes to you,
pray to Allah for everything,
pray for your love and life,
pray for your lovely family 
and yet for the lovely one.

the trust u given,
the friendship u've creating,
it makes the world wonderful,
yet,its makes a million reason
for us to smile :)
I'm not good on making poem,yet am also not good in english.But,as life goes on,and as am a english-teacher-to-be,I try[even susah mau cari word yang sesuai~].hikhikhik.fine,its not good as others,as long as I try to written,I hope the lovely bday-girl will like it.hehe

notakaki buat cik azizah:.
u may to take the poem as ur bday-present.hikhikhik :P

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Unknown Unknown 24 May, 2011
thanks dear...
May Allah bless u back!!

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