Do you still love your ex~?!.


do I still love him?!.

let's talk about love,I mean the past love.the one who break your heart into pieces,the one who makes you cry everyminute,the one who leave you alone,the one who cheat behind you and yet,the one who you love so much!.

someone ask,"do u still love him?".and I answered,"yes,I do"....but when I meet somebody else who love me more than my ex-lover love me,I do glad I already break up with him.

It might makes your hurt when you are trying to forget your ex-lover.Cause,when you think to forget him,you're actually still remembering him and your love will become stronger than ever.Thus,him always be in your mind,so,how can you forget him.The best way to forget him is not to think of him,otherwise you will be suffer alone.*can you just trust me?*

Should we befriend with our ex?.For me,I do love to making friend.So,even he became my ex-,I still get along with them.I SMS,chat and sometimes on phone with them.But,dont ever talk about your past memory or ever ask for another chance.

When you talking about the past memory happen between you and him,you're actually shown that you still in love with him.That will make a point for him to purposing you back,but what if he still do the same thing,'hurting you again'?.So,just ignore your past memory.Build a new memory with him as a friend.Dont ever ask for love!.Cause,sometimes it will make him bored with you.So,let it be,dont shows too much that you still love him.One fine day,you'll be know if he the right one?!.

Afraid of being hurt?!.Dont be so!.Once you hurt,and you face it again,trust me....for the next-next-next time,you'll be unable to feel it anymore cause you're already knows the man tactics and even he left you,you still can stand alone.That makes you a tough girl and yet,you'll proud of yourself.

forget your ex,find new lover,find exciting hobbies,make yourself free and YOU'LL BE FINE!

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