R.I.P my classmate,my friend

R.I.P my classmate,my friend


hye hye,..eca just heard bad news yesterday!.My classmate,Awang --> I told about him in this entry.|Melankolik Nostalgia Cinta| was texting me and asking for confirmation about the news.When I online facebook and go to our class group.yeah..the news already spreads..........................................

We lost one of our classmate.He's ongoing for teaching practical right now in his hometown in Lawas,Sarawak.

and the news we got state that 
he's suicide.

err,,why you do such thing?!.
we dont know why he do it...but let just pray his soul  rest in peace.

Libat(the guy) one of my team when we do the theatre assignment.
He also give THUMBS UP for me after I done well in my microteaching last semester.
here's the story--> microteaching

may his soul rest in peace.

tak salah kan kita cakap,even kawan ne non-muslim.
#just pray for him.

still remember his words :
ko tau apa guna email?!....untuk hantar email minta duit sama parents,
so..ko nda kena marah balik-balik minta duit!.
and I'm laughing all the time.

#i miss his kindness :(
..and we all too.

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